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We are a group of women Pythonistas.

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Who we are ?

PyLadies is an international mentorship group with a focus on helping women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community. Our mission is to promote, educate and advance a diverse Python community through outreach, education, meetups, conferences, events and social gatherings.
At PyLadies Chennai, we welcome people who have never programmed before, experienced programmers, and everyone in between.


We host monthly meetups where Pythonistas can learn, share and contribute towards the fields of Core Python, Data Science, Web Development, Scientific Computing, Security, Game Development, etc. Join our Meetup group to find out about upcoming events!

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Niharika Krishnan

Niharika is a Machine Learning Engineer at TCS, Chennai where she develops NLP based solutions for Walmart, US. She is passionate about technology and believes in leveraging AI to help people lead better lives! She actively contributes to the Python tech community and has spoken at conferences like PyCon India'19, PyCon Canada’19, PyOhio'20, etc. With her love for Python and a will to encourage young women into tech, she initiated the PyLadies Chapter in Chennai during her final year of undergraduate studies.

Vishakha Tiwari

Vishakha Tiwari is an enthusiastic and innovative software engineer in Valuelabs, India. She is passionate about developing big data solutions. She has research paper and certifications in big data. She believes in giving back to the community and non-profit organizations which hold a special place in her heart. She is an organizer of PyLadies Chennai and Hyderabad Chapter, mentorship groups with a focus on helping more women to become active participants in Python open-source community.